14 February 2014

The Snircus

Years ago I visited a preschool called Kids Club in San Francisco that had two memorable things: a room completely full of mattresses and squishy pads for jumping and wrestling, and, an active Snircus. I had never seen a snircus before. It was a wooden container with several sticks standing up with twine strung between them. There was lettuce placed strategically along the twine, and snails were crawling up the twigs and across the twine to get the lettuce. It did in fact look like circus high wire acts.

I mentioned this a while back to Nashi (you'll remember him from an earlier post), and this fall he surprised me with a Snircus he and his dad built. We got the Snircus out today and filled it with snails and greens. The second grade Coyotes watched as the snails enjoyed their fun.