02 February 2014

Gardeners at Home

Parents often tell me that their child demonstrated their garden skills at home or at a relative's house. I love to hear those stories as it really affirms the work the children and I do together at the garden. This weekend I received a photo of Nashi hard at work in his yard.

I enjoy hearing the children recount tales of how they taught their grandma to loosen the roots of her potted plant, or how they showed their father how to prune the roses, or when they selected some herbs for the family's salad dressing last night. Similarly, the children enjoy sharing with me all they learn from their parents and relatives about gardening. There are many grandparents in our community with bursting gardens. The children sure do love working side by side their loved ones in these inspiring locations.

If you have any photos of your gardener hard at work at home or on the road, please forward them to me. I'd love to post them here.