26 April 2013

Amazing but true!

Look in the middle of this photo, against the dark background. You'll find a hummingbird taking a shower.

Over the past few months we've had some surprisingly warm days. When I go to St. Anne's to water on days like those a wonderful thing happens. When I stand in the middle of the garden watering with the sprinkler attachment on the hose, a hummingbird will fly right by my head and buzz my ear. I've learned over the years that this means it's time to shower!

Once summoned like this, I hold the spray up to the sky, and the hummingbird flies into the drops and hovers in place while it bathes itself. It's a miraculous thing to behold.

I've discovered that the hummingbirds prefer it if I hold the spray in a location that allows them to perch while showering. Then they can relax, move their wings just as they please to wash all those hard to reach spots and get soaking wet.

I have hosted up to three hummingbirds at a time in the shower. It makes my day!

See it? Right in the middle against the wooden roof.