31 May 2012

Late May, 2012

Live Power Community Farm, May 2012

Let me share some highlights from the 3rd grade trip to Live Power Community Farm in Covelo, CA.

Covelo is in Round Valley, just over an hour NE of Willits. The farm is a lovely, 40 acre Biodynamic farm run by the Decater family for over 25 years. The farm is worked only with human, horse and sun power. You can learn more about Live Power here.

The Decaters run a CSA for San Francisco and Mendocino County. I have been a member for 9 seasons and can attest to the delicious, vital food they produce.

Each year, the 3rd grade from SFWS spends three nights and four days working on the farm. The children weed, scythe, harvest, and plant. They also do daily animal chores, learn to plow behind a draft horse, shear a sheep,

This is how you hold down a sheep while it gets its wool  cut.

and generally come to understand the hard work that farms demand.

 I've included several photos to provide a look at our most recent stay with Ms. Fendell's Third Grade Class in late May of 2012.

Finished compost pile

Manure waiting to go into a new compost pile

This year a local blacksmith came and we made our own nails!

Do you know the story about the turnip?

These are leeks, but the story has the same ending!

Stephen teaching the children about horse drawn plows

Tools we used