06 June 2012

June 2012
Our End of Year Thank You at St. Anne's

Today the third grade children enjoyed what will become an annual event from this year forward. Along with Ms. Fendell and several parents, the third graders came to St. Anne's to say thank you and good bye.

When they arrived, the children gathered on the back patio to recall some of their favorite accomplishments over their four years of garden work. Then we reviewed our best manner skills for passing food and interacting with the residents in the dining room.

The third grade went in groups to the two dining rooms to serenade the diners with seasonal songs. After that, the children passed platters of garden inspired food. Once the residents had tasted our bounty to their hearts' content, the children returned to the patio where they feasted as well.

Our menu featured as many garden ingredients as possible:

Fava dip with carrots, snap peas, and crackers (favas, olive oil, rosemary, lemon, water, salt, pepper)
Mint brownies
Herbed couscous salad with arugula 
Fresh green salad with mixed garlic herb dressing 
Chard and leek quiche

The party was a wonderful way to let St. Anne's hear and taste our appreciation for allowing us to garden there these many years.