01 September 2014

A Local Medicinal Herb CSA!

Please help us to make Community Supported Herbalism a reality in the Bay Area by sharing the info below. Thanks for your support!

Steadfast Herbs is now offering a seasonal medicine share. Your herbal share will arrive at the beginning of each season to help keep you balanced and healthy throughout the year. Each share contains seven hand-crafted remedies, information about the herbal medicines we’ve included, and tips and recipes for moving into each changing season. 

We hand harvest almost all of the herbs that we use, respectfully gathering the plants from our backyard gardens, community garden projects, and local farms.  Our remedies are crafted in small batches, using organic ingredients whenever possible, to create the highest quality local and seasonal medicines.

Cost for the share is offered on a sliding scale, from $80-$120 per quarter, with pick-up locations in San Francisco and Berkeley.

To sign up for the seasonal medicine share, or to learn more, visit steadfastherbs.com