20 November 2013

Third Graders' Bath Salts

The Farriers spent the day mixing fresh herbs from St. Anne's with sea salt to create a bath salt mix. The bath salts will be on sale at Winter Fair, Sunday December 8. 

We included rosemary, thyme, oregano, lemon peel, mint, and lavender.

Once the ingredients were well mixed into the salt, we spooned it into mason jars and added a ribbon and hand made label. Several of the Farriers hope to buy their own jar back at Winter Fair!

Last year the now 4th grade made an herbal salt rub for meat and vegetables. The ingredients were similar to those listed above, but included garlic. Unfortunately, the labels weren't clear that the salt was a cooking rub, and I heard later that several folks had bought the jars at Winter Fair for use in the bath. I hope they didn't mind soaking in garlic!