23 October 2013

Third Grade Practical Activities

Every week the Third Grade breaks into four groups and enjoys a practical activity led by volunteer parents and me. I oversee the garden rotation of course, and several other parents are in charge of cooking, crafting, and building.

When the Farriers, Cobblers, Millers, or Blacksmiths are with me we usually go to St. Anne's to work in the garden and then pass out garden food to the residents at St. Anne's during their lunch time. However, occasionally we stay on campus to work on the third grade garden space and other campus projects.

Recently the Farriers used their knowledge of measuring and planted garlic at school and radish seeds. The carefully measured the same distance between each garlic clove or radish seed before they planted.

In addition to planting, we did quite a bit of harvesting our fall produce.We had a bumper parsnip crop, and in addition to harvesting the roots, we let several go to seed and now have enough seed to grow for an army. Our apple trees weren't as prodigious as usual, but we still got tasty apples over the September and October months.