18 December 2013

3rd Grade Millers; Holiday Preparations

The Millers worked on two garden crafts to give as third grade gifts. Firstly, they harvested dried herbs from St. Anne's and our campus garden and mixed an herbal tea. We included mint, oregano, nettle, chamomile and lemon balm. We grow all these herbs, but in some cases don't produce enough in the garden so we augment with the organic bulk herbs at Rainbow Grocery.

The students bagged this tea mix and later I transported nearly 50 tea bags to the snack room at St. Anne's. The sisters and residents love the tea blend and look forward to our twice-yearly production.

 The Millers also blended a simple salve of beeswax (partially harvested from the bee hive at the Kinney's), coconut oil, and vitamin E. We made enough for each child to give one jar as a holiday gift.