30 May 2013

Live Power Community Farm
Covelo, CA
SFWS 3rd grade May 21-24, 2013

Last week the third grade spent four wonderful days in Round Valley, 60 minutes NE of Willits, CA. Every year the third grade visits Live Power Farm as a culmination of their four years in the garden and as part of their practical activities work. Live Power is a biodynamic farm run solely with horse, human and solar power. http://www.livepower.org

Gloria and Stephen Decater, the farmers and owners of Live Power, strive to ensure our students have days filled with important and meaningful farm work. The children participate in the morning and evening animal chores (feeding, moving, and milking) and during the day rotate through a series of farm tasks. These included harvesting dry corn, splitting wood, digging up fodder carrots, planting beans, weeding garlic, and washing burlap sacks.

In addition to these regular chores the children sheared a sheep, plowed behind the draft horses Pete and Laura, and frolicked in the near by river.

This trip is an important opportunity for the children to put their garden skills to work and sharpen their overall strength and stamina. On our last night the children performed parts of their Noah and the Flood play as a thank you to the apprentices and then we all enjoyed a bonfire and singing together.

looking for a wedge 

 making a wall so the animals run the right way into the pen

plowing a field for the first time in 40 years 

 discing in cover crop

Stephen explaining horse team work 

 the children pulling a sled as horses do 

 scenes from Noah and the Flood 

 how to herd animals


 splitting wood

the river! 

 ready, set, go

working together as horses do

 the plow

Pete and Laura

Milking Bess

Splitting wood 

 on the sled

 the herding wall

how to split wood 


splitting wood 

shoveling manure for the compost pile

crank turn corn kernel remover

 running behind the sled


 collecting logs

feeding Gypsy


taking off the kernels 

 gopher snake

Pete eats some cover crop

dinner time!

 mowing cover crop



Joy's calf

animal chores in the morning

getting ready to plow

 bringing in the animals

wood splitting