25 September 2012

Sharing the Harvest

Each Tuesday when the Third Grade comes to St. Anne's, one of the jobs is to prepare something fresh from our garden to share with the residents during their lunch in the dining hall.

We started this tradition during the 2011-12 school year, and the serving activity has been very popular! The children love it. Their time in the dining hall acting as waiters and waitresses calls forth their best manners and conversation skills. The children go table to table carrying plates of our produce and offering it to the residents. The children must describe the offering, serve it, and make polite conversation while they are there.

The residents enjoy this immensely. They like the fresh backyard food, and love to see the children and ask them questions.

Our recent offerings have included fresh salad with herbed vinaigrette, celery with herbed cream cheese, fresh apples, and lots of sweet-pea bouquets for the tables.

These photos show two Third Graders harvesting apples to share from our school tree. We are also lucky to have a kind neighbor of St. Anne's who lets me pick all the apples from his two apple trees to give to the Home. The kitchen makes all sorts of fresh apple delicacies for the residents, and, the Third Grade serves some freshly cut slices at lunch.