16 March 2012

Kindergarten Corn Husk Dolls

We've had a lot of rain this week! It's great for the garden and we've even been able to squeeze in a few garden classes. The Third Grade Weavers had a wonderful rain walk to St. Anne's on Wednesday, frolicking in all the puddles and generally loving all the wetness.

Today K1 came and we managed to hear the story "How Bees Got Their Job" and then play the beloved Bee Game outside. After that, we retired to the dry first floor of St. Anne's to make corn husk dolls.

Corn husk dolls are easy and fun to make. You can find husks at many grocery stores and besides that you just need some twine and, if you like, a few fabric scraps. I use these directions to make the dolls. I recommend forming the head with the pointy end of the corn husks, however, rather than the flat ends. I think the pointy end makes for a more proportional head size.