23 January 2012

Planting lettuce seeds, January 12, 2012

Lettuce Planting

Kindergarten 2 planted lettuce seeds for the garden when they came to St. Anne's in early January. In the Tower Garden, we have a smaller raised bed dedicated to salad greens. I like to have a rotating crop of lettuces here. Lately, the Third Graders have been harvesting several heads, primarily the Little Gem variety, to make salads for the residents. So, we need to get some more seedlings going to fill in the holes.

Dagmar and the children planted many varieties, several hundred seeds. You can see the cell pack here filled with dirt and beneath it, the seeds.

I like to plant a variety of lettuces. Here's a sample package for a trusted variety:
Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds has an incredible array of vegetable and flower seeds. They have a close by store in Petaluma, called The Seed Bank, as it's located in an old bank right in downtown Petaluma. I highly recommend a trip if you're looking to stock up for your own garden. They specialize in open-pollinated, heirloom varieties from around the U.S. and in some cases, the world.